Feb 24, 2021

Transport Solutions of America (TSOA), announces its January 2021 Driver of the month. Drivers are selected based on safe driving miles, DOT compliance, vehicle care, compliance with vehicle condition reporting and other required TSOA and client documentation. TSOA recruits, trains and manages drivers in a unique way that provides an exceptional customer experience each and every time. “Our drivers are the key to our success so we make sure they are poised to meet all of the customer needs. Our driver recognition program is designed to award drivers for making our customer experiences memorable. Therefore, we show them we care through excellent pay, training, communication and recognition.” said Tim Williamson, TSOA’s Founder and CEO.  

TSOA is proud to recognize driver Tranicia Newton as its January Driver of the Month. She has been driving for TSOA for two years. Tranicia stands out for not standing out!  She is consistent, reliable, accident free, has excellent customer service and is compliant with TSOA and client requirements. “Tranicia gets the job done every day without an issue. We know we can count on her time and time again.” said Sydney Kirkpatrick, dispatcher for TSOA.  When awarded her recognition, Tranicia commented, “I love to travel, and this job is perfect for me. I have seen some beautiful sites along the way. If you work hard and apply yourself, you will become a top driver. I enjoy working with all the fellow drivers and would not be able to do this without the awesome team at TSOA. Thank you TSOA for this wonderful opportunity.” Tranicia will receive a monetary award for her achievements. Congratulations Tranicia!